Maine Coon Cattery
About Aela:
Ayla is like Dharma and Nenya, specially chosen to stay in the cattery, because of her bright silver.
She is a loving girl and very caring towards the smaller kittens.

She always follows us to the door in the morning, when we have to leave and is there to greet us when we come home.
Aela is the type of cat who does not attract much attention to herself, she does not often demand to be picked up and cuddled, but loves to be, so we have to make sure to do it.
When she gets up on the arm she becomes so happy and affectionate that she curls up on herself, turns around so she sometimes hangs head down in full confidence that we hold on and do not drop her.

She is the breakaway queen of the cattery, she was over the fence several times as a kitten.
Since we fenced the garden with electrical wires (for small animals) at the top, in our new home in Klintebjerg, she has not been outside the garden.

We are very much looking forward to follow her development.


Name: Aela Naughty Coon*DK
11 May 2020
Black tortie sliver shaded (MCO fs 11)
HCM - Normal
PKD - Normal
PK def - Normal
SMA - Normal