Maine Coon Cattery
About Anarchy:
Anarchy who was born and raised at my friend Joan's cattery (Dusi Cat), is a daughter of our former cat Naughtycoons Paint Your Target and our former breeding male Coon Casa LuPi LooPy LooPPs.
She is so much like her mother Paint and her grandmother Chika, both in looks and personality, one cannot help but to fall in love with her.
Anarchy is extremely affectionate, she does not accept that we can be busy with something else, if she thinks it is time for petting, food etc, she can follow us around the house until she gets what she wants.
She is our breakout queen, after three successful escapes, we had to spend a weekend altering and making the fence in the backyard higher.
Although we prefer to work with sliver, we just love her deep warm colours...
We are very much looking forward to following her development and to find out if she, like Paint, is a born mother.

Name: Dusi Cats Anarchy
9 July 2013
Black tortie mackerel tabby (MCO f 23)

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