Maine Coon Cattery
About Anton:
Anton is the litter brother of Tetona, he is a long and lanky teenage boy. He is extremely affectionate and very talkactive. Like the other fertile males in these lines, he does not spray, which means a lot since Helle shares her bedroom with the boys.
Just like Abydos, Anton is calm, level-headed and just as loudly purring. We think he is perfect with his well placed ears, feirce look and good profile. We really look forward to see his development.
We have repetedly seen the special bond between father and son when they meet and spend time together, but we were happily surprised when Helle caught this little moment between a grandfather and his grandson:
One day when Anton was just 12 weeks old, he was playing in the garden. Abydos caught a bird, he brought it to Anton without killing it. When Anton had his hold on the still flapping bird, Abydos turned around and lay down about 1 meter away to observe Anton, as if teaching him how to catch prey.

Name: Naughtycoons Anton
12 February 2012
Red silver mackerel tabby (MCO ds 23)
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