Latest news
28.04.2014 - Many updates.
24.03.2014 - Hannah gave birth to two kittens - see them here.
17.12.2013 - Sansa is still available, only as pet. - see her here.
04.12.2013 - Kitten galleries updated - two girls are still available - see them here.
14.11.2013 - Kitten galleries updated.

About us
The main woman behind Naughtycoons is Helle, she often aquires the help of her daughter Payana,
who is also in charge of the website as well as other technical and creative things.

Our cats are loved members of the family first, breeding is an added joy. Our goal is to maintain
the natural look and size of the Maine Coon while ensuring loving and affectionate temperaments.
To us a well balanced, socialized and good natured cat is just as important as a cat with the right
Maine Coon look and size.

We were registered in FIFé under the name "DK Naughty Coon's" from 2005 to 2013.
From January 1st 2014 it was prohibited to breed polydactyl cats in FIFé. Because we have poly
cats in our breeding program, we were therefore forced to leave the organization.
Helle (paid for and) completed Felis Danica's Diploma Breeder Education (Diplom Opdrætter) in
2013, but since we are no longer under FIFé, Felis Danica (the central organisation under FIFé in
Denmark) has ordered us to remove the logo from our website, as they believe it is false
advertisement, because buyers may believe that we are under FIFé's rules and regulations.
We, however, have clearly stated on our welcome page, that we are no longer a FIFé cattery but a TICA cattery. Furthermore we believe that the logo can only tell buyers that we were a FIFé cattery in 2013.
We have discussed removing the logo to avoid trouble with Felis Danica's lawyers, but in all honesty, we do not want to bend to their power play.
To us the logo represents our wish to continue to gain knowledge in our field.

In 2010 we got registered in TICA (USA) under the name "Naughtycoons" and will now only register our cats in TICA.

Our kittens are between 12-16 weeks of age before they move to their new home.
A pet kitten will have a registration slip and a 3-generation pedigree from TICA, a contract from us, health certificate, will be fully vaccined and will be nuterilised.
Kittens sold for breeding will furthermore have a 5-generation pedigree, a transfer, passport and the required vaccinations.

In our Catshop you can find everything a cat and it's owner will need. All our products have had a thorough inspection and been approved by both our wonderful Maine Coons and us.
This section is only in Danish - We only ship within Denmark.

We are currently working on the "MCO Info", which will contain subjects like 'The Maine Coon Standard', 'How to properly wash your cat before a show', 'Pregnancy and birth', 'Colour-calculator' and much, much more.
This section will be in Danish, in time we will also add an English version.

We hope that you enjoy your time here in our little corner of the web. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Please also visit us on Facebook.

Kind regards,

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