Maine Coon Cattery
About Eljo:
Eljo moved in with a confidence only few have, and have spellbound not only humans but also the other cats and Helle's owl Lumi.
He wants to be a part of everything from helping with seasoning the potatoes before they go in the oven to keeping you company by jumping on your lap while sitting on the loo.
He is very demanding when it comes to cuddles and couldn't really care less with what you're doing. If he wants to hang on your arm, he will continue to "bother" you until you pick him up.

Eljo has been the best parent you can imagine, he was a huge part of raising his kittens.
He still loves to cuddle with his son Soso, who loves Eljo to bits.

He his such a fantastic boy, a huge thank you to Nadine and her family for agreeing to let Eljo become a part of our family, we love him so much.


Name: Junari's Caballero
9 February 2018
Cream smoke w. white (MCO es 09)
HCM (bloodtest + ecco) - Normal
PKD - Normal
PK def - Normal
SMA - Normal
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