Maine Coon Cattery
About Fall:
Fall lives with Payana, Pixie and Khaleesi, but will be one of our breeding girls in the future.

She is a wonderfully sweet girl, full of purrs and completely lives up to the name; Naughty Coon, there is so much go in Fall, that Payana can hardly keep up with her.

The person with a keen eye, may have wondered about her colour in the photos vs. her EMS code. When Fall was born Payana noticed a small dark spot on the left side of her nose, but didn't think much about it. Helle found a much larger dark spot on Fall's ribcage, when she was about 6 weeks old, and a week later Payana found a third, tiny spot on her leg. With a little help from near and far, we have decided that the most likely explanation for her dark spots, is that she is in fact black tortie despite not looking it at first glance. Only time will tell if we have colour coded her correctly.

Name: DK Naughty Coon's Winter Windfall
03 May 2019
Black tortie smoke (MCO fs)