In Memoriam
Maine Coon Cattery
06.12.2000 - 21.10.2005

I fell in love with you the moment you were born, and the love grew along with you.
I remember when I came home from Ireland, having been gone for 8 months, Kian was afraid of me but you just jumped onto my lap and stayed there so I couldn't move.
You were always so polite, saying "Bless you" when someone sneezed. Even if you were asleep and one of the cats came through the cat flap you rose and walked to greet them.
We had a very special bond, my little Freya.
- Payana
06.12.2000 - 29.05.2007

We welcomed you into the world one December morning, 6½ years ago.
A red and not very pretty kitten, but you grew up and became a handsome
young man, with lots of personality.
My friend and faithful follower. I hope you forgive I had to decide your fate, I couldn't let you get into pain. I wished you could have stayed a lot longer. Give my love to those on "the other side". Your sister Freya, will be there to greet you.
I don't know when, but we will see each other again, until then you will be in my heart.
Thank you, for the time we had together.
- Helle
Naughty Coon's Cinnabun
19.08.2010 - 24.11.2010

Cinnabun, my wonderful little girl, it came as a chock having to say goodbye. You weren't one to stay after all… Why is it the ones you get closest to always get to leave first?
My heart weeps, I miss you so much. I really looked forward to following your development. Your grandfather, Bastien, will look after you now, I am sure.
Rest in peace my little one, we will meet again.
Love, Helle
CH. Bastien Cabotcove Coon
21.03.2006 - 28.08.2008

Bastien, my big loving boy.
Losing you, made me consider if the delight of breeding is worth the sorrow of losing…
You will always have a special place in my heart, what we had was unique.
My luck is that we still have a little part of you in the cattery, through your sons & daughters, in whom we see your wonderful temperament, intelligence, fun and loving nature.
I wish you a safe travel, some day we'll meet again.
- Helle
Naughty Coon's Keagan
25.10.2009 - 08.12.2011

As your litter name states, you certainly were "One Of A Kind". You instantly charmed your way into everyone's hearts with your very special and loving personality.
My highly loved problem child, I can't express how it hurts to let you go so soon.
You leave a void. when I need you I whisper your name in my heart, I know you'll be there.
I look forward to be with you again,
Love Helle
Chiquita Arkiza*PL
12.08.2006 - 30.11.2017

From the moment I saw your photo, I knew you had to be part of our lives. What I didn't know was that the beautiful little kitten would turn into a gorgeous, gentle and kind-hearted lady, who with her loving and devoted being would steal my heart forever.
Words cannot describe the emptiness you have left behind.
Love Payana