Maine Coon Cattery
About Khaleesi:
Khaleesi is an extremely sweet and loving girl towards the people she knows and trusts and reserved/scared of everyone else. If you have a calm air around you and patience, you might be able to convince her to say hi, if you have her favourite treats.

She sleeps next to Payana every single night only interrupted by her nightly strolls in the garden, which means Payana always have an unspecified amount of earth/grass/leaves in her bed.

Khaleesi is almost always sleeping on the desk next to Payana, when she is working/playing on the computer. If possible, Khaleesi worms her way in between Payana and the keyboard and curls up purring there.

Khaleesi is a beautiful and very long bodied girl, we would have loved to see what she would have given to her kittens but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be.


Name: Naughtycoons Khaleesi Daenerys
15 September 2013
Red silver shaded (MCO ds 11)