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17 April 2011

Fabricated Fairy
female - black solid
lives with Dennie & Jan
photo: 5 months
Legendary Legionnaire
male - black mackerel tabby
lives with Lisa
photo: 6 months
Pleasantly SurPrised
poly: 2wd (6644)
female - black mackerel tabby
lives at NaUnas (Pilkinton)
photo: 6 months
Dustmice Catcher
male - red blotched tabby
lives with Ulla & Per
photo: 13 weeks
poly: 2wd (7644)
male - red blotched tabby
lives with Elsebeth
photo: 7 months
Positively PePPermint
female - black tortie blotched tabby
lives with Inanna
photo: 13 weeks
FoolProof AutoPilot
poly: 2wd (6644)
male - red mackerel tabby
photo: 8 weeks
17.04.2011 - 18.06.2011
Majesty Lazuli
female - black tortie mackerel tabby
photo: 8 weeks
17.04.2011 - 18.06.2011
Life is but a stopping place,
A pause in what's to be,
A resting place along the road,
To sweet eternity.

We all have different journeys,
Different paths along the way,
We are all meant to learn some things,
But never meant to stay.

Our destination is a place,
Far greater than we know,
For some the journey's quicker,
For some the journey's slow.

But when the journey finally ends,
We'll claim a great reward,
And find an everlasting peace,
Together with the Lord.
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