The Mingos
Maine Coon Cattery
Susquehanna River
female - black tortie mackerel tabby
lives at Calistocoon
The Shawnee tribe
male - red silver mackerel tabby
lives with Sebastian (Chickashsha)
[tji-ka-sjaa] or [chi-ka-saw]
The Chickasaw tribe
male - red silver mackerel tabby
lives with Sebastian (Shaawanooki)
People of the Submerged Pine-tree
male - black smoke
lives with Marijke & Anders (Remington)
The Mingos
Nooki and Susque - 1 week
Helena Arkiza*PL x Naughtycoons Santo Domingo

- pedigree -

8 June 2012

The Mingo

The Mingo  are an Iroquoian group of Native Americans made up of people who migrated to the Ohio County in the mid-eighteenth sentury.

The Mingos were an independent group (mostly Senecas and Cayugas) in the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy: Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Seneca, Tuscarora and Onondaga.

The names chosen for this litter, are names related to The Mingo tribe one way or another.
The litter name and two of the kittens are "named" after the kittens parents and grandparent.

Mother's nickname is Hannah
Father's nickname is Mingo
Grandmother on father's side is nicknamed Chika