Maine Coon Cattery
About Nenya:
Like Aela, Nenya does not attract a lot of attention to herself, but absolutely loves a good cuddle.

She sleeps in Helle's bed every night, and if Helle gets up, for one reason or the other, Nenya will faithfully follow Helle and keep her company, until they once again can go to bed.
Just like her grandfather Eljo, she often joins you when you have to use the loo.

Nenya loves spending her time in the garden watching birds and insects or people walking by. She loves climbing in the fruit trees as well as playing with the other cats.

Not only did Nenya have the best type as a newborn, she also had the lightest silver in the litter, so there was no question about her staying with us.


Name: Nenya Naughty Coon*DK
11 August 2020
Cream Silver Shaded (MCO es 11)
HCM - Normal
PKD - Normal
PK def - Normal
SMA - Normal