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Pumuckel is our new poly breeding male from Firedevils Cattery in Germany. Thank you Tanja for trusting this lovely boy to us.
Pumu is a wonderful socialised boy, who grew up in a big family. The first day in our home, he went in with his tail up high as if he already lived here.
He sleeps at the foot of the bed at night and is standing by my head as soon as the alarm clock rings in the morning, ready to be petted.
He spends a lot of time in the garden, along with the other cats, coming in with his big dirty paws and makes a nice big mess.... I just love it!
The best food at Naughtycoons Catter, if you ask Pumu, is raw chicken served in perfect bite size. The next best food is day old chickens (pre-killed), served in the garden. He throws them high into the air, catching them on their way down, when he has been playing long enough they will be eaten.

Name: Firedevils Pumuckel
1 September 2013
Red silver tabby w. white (MCO ds 09)

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