Maine Coon Cattery
Name: Junari's Silver Surfer
7 July 2019
Red silver shaded (MCO ds 11)
HCM (bloodtest) - Normal
PKD - Normal
PK def - Normal
SMA - Normal
About Surf:
Surf is the charmer of all charmers and is loved by all; humans, cats and even Lumi the owl.
He has made it his mission to be a part of everything that goes on in the house during the day, and at night he relocates the spices from the spice rack to the stove, kitchen counter and floor, not to mention taking pens and moves them to different places around the house.
Perhaps Silver Surfer was not the right name for him, he should have been called Silver Lightning, as he's almost a blur when running through the garden
A huge thank you to Nadine for letting yet another of your wonderful kittens come and live with us.